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Are Bad Reviews Worse Than None at All?

In our coaching work with local businesses, we often ask the question, “Would you rather have a negative review or no review at all from an unhappy customer?” Our clients often respond “no review”. This is wrong and we call it the Silent Killer.

Stop and think about this scenario. If that unhappy customer leaves your business and doesn’t write a review, you have no chance of recovering them, or at least addressing their issues or concerns in a meaningful way. What’s the likelihood of them coming back? We call that the silent killer. They walk out the door and they’re never coming back, but they may very well share their bad experience with friends and family.

This is why is so critical for business owners to create a culture where all customer opinions, good and bad, are solicited and appreciated. If your team makes a mistake or drops the ball, a bad review gives you the opportunity to turn a negative into a positive. That’s where the power of reputation marketing lies.

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