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Chris Snellgrove Helps Bring Awareness to Miracle Foundation’s Home for Holidays Campaign

Tis the season of giving and what better gift than the gift of helping children in need!

Our CEO, Chris Snellgrove, spoke on Focus Atlanta CW 69 this past Sunday to bring awareness to Miracle Foundation’s Home for Holidays Campaign.

The Miracle Foundation is a non-profit organization that helps orphaned and vulnerable children around the world to re-connect with their birth families. There are currently 8.5 million children living in orphanages around the world, rather than in safe, loving homes.  85% of these children actually have a living parent who could, with the right support, care for them. Families often put their children in orphanages because they can’t provide the basic resources that their kids need, such as food, an education, or healthcare. We have learned that no matter how well-managed and caring an orphanage is, it is no substitute for a family.

The “Home for the Holidays” campaign is focused on giving children the ultimate holiday miracle: a future with a loving family. Check out Chris Snellgrove’s segment on the non-profit’s work and how they are helping children around the world!

If you would like to make a difference in a child’s life, you can donate to the “Home for the Holidays” campaign by clicking here: 

Every donation during the Home for Holidays campaign will be doubled by generous donors and allows you to help make an impact in the lives of these children. Even a small donation can make a big difference.  You’ll receive a holiday card with a powerful message of gratitude, from a family your donation will support.

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