Taking Marketing Automation To The Next Level With Reno Pace

Taking Marketing Automation To The Next Level With Reno Pace

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Imagine doing everything you need to do in your marketing without having to jump from one platform to another. That’s what an all-in-one marketing automation platform allows you to do. This can potentially give you a lot of extra time on your hands that you can spend on whatever it is you should be focusing on in your business. In this episode, industry-renowned marketing automation and CRM expert Reno Pace joins to Bill Courtright and Chris Snellgrove to talk about the benefits of having such a tool in your hands. Reno has been working with the team at Digital Media Nation in creating what would become their all-in-one marketing platform that is going to be launched in Q1 2023. Tune in to learn more about it!

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Taking Marketing Automation To The Next Level With Reno Pace

We have a special New Year’s episode consistent with all the new developments we’ve got going on here at Reputation Sensei™ by Digital Media Nation. As we unveil shortly our all-in-one marketing automation platform, we thought it’d be a great idea to bring on marketing automation and CRM subject matter expert. In this episode’s guest is the one, the only and the industry-renowned Mr. Reno Pace.

He is not only a husband and a father of two boys living in Utah but he graduated with an MBA. For a lot of us marketers, graduating anywhere is a big deal but to have an MBA is even better. He’s cut his teeth in network marketing. He’s been there for years. His wife owns businesses. He owns businesses and he’s been serving small businesses from a client relation management perspective, as well as marketing automation for quite some time.

He got his start in marketing automation and CRM with none other than Russell Brunson. Anyone who’s ever read our blog knows that Chris and I have a lot of respect for ClickFunnels and Russell Brunson. Reno’s relationship with that company is going to come out in this episode. A few years ago, he left ClickFunnels to work for his company where he developed his marketing automation platform. He uses that to serve not only his businesses but multiple businesses in multiple genres. I feel that Reno’s expertise for our audience is going to be instantly recognized and I couldn’t be more grateful to have Reno on this episode. Chris, can you introduce Mr. Reno Pace?

Reno Pace, it was awesome meeting you in Costa Rica. We met at The Commitment Summit with the Hite Agency. We had tons of fun. Bill was like he has to go in 2023. They backed it up to I believe June 2023 so more people can attend while school’s still out. That’s exciting. It was cool meeting you and I’m glad we connected. We’re super excited to talk to you about marketing automation. We know you’ve been doing it for a while. My first question for you is what was it like working with Russell Brunson?

First, I want to say thanks for having me. It’s quite the introduction. Thank you, Bill and Chris. It was eye-opening. Prior to working with Russell, I was building funnels, automation, systems and all of that for our brick and mortar businesses. I cut my teeth doing it for our businesses before I ever even branched out into doing this for other clients and on the digital side.


TSPB 5 | Marketing Automation


When I started working for him, I was hired as a freelancer. I started designing funnel templates. At the end of 2022, some of my templates were still inside of ClickFunnels so you could go in and start your funnels by using some of the designs we came up with. Working with him was amazing. Seeing him and the team, I mainly worked on setting up those funnels and executing what Russell had in his mind regarding his offers in the process. Seeing behind the scenes was something that I’ll value and treasure for a long time. It’s come in very handy for quite a few things since then.

Speaking of funnels, some of our audience will know Russell Brunson and much of our audience will have some experience or appreciation for funnel marketing or funnels. For those who maybe only have a cursory understanding or don’t know what a funnel is or its purpose, could you take a moment and define a funnel for our audience?

The best way that I understand the funnel and that I can relate to funnels is that a funnel has one objective, one offer for one person or one avatar depending on how many avatars you have in your company. That varies from websites where it’s mostly displaying information and branding. A funnel is to move somebody from an unaware state to understand they have a problem. Now they know that you, your brand and your company have a solution and are the best fit for them. It’s moving them across that buyer’s journey only in a digital form online through your phone, website or desktop.

We talk about that not only within our organization to our team of professionals but with that understanding, in my opinion, getting more and more readily understood in the marketplace. Speaking of funnels and that focused journey as you put it and getting people to be able to focus so that a predictable outcome is generated, a conversion, a lead, an appointment or a phone call, whatever the case might be, can you take that and explain to me, Chris and our audience what the difference is between funnels, funnel marketing automation and CRM? Can you talk a little bit about the differences between marketing automation, which may or may not be synonymous with funnel marketing and then CRM, which is Client Relationship Management?

They’re all different but they all work, play or connect to essentially make what most people can assume is funnel marketing or your marketing campaign. It’s all these little bits of pieces that make up the entirety of the whole pie. The funnel is the pages or the stages that people are going to move through. Depending on where you’re driving your traffic from, maybe it scans a QR code on the back of a business card or they see an ad on Facebook or YouTube and they click on that and go to the next page. That’s the entry point into the funnel.

That’s the first page. That’s the first thing they’re seeing. The funnel is the steps. It’s essentially the pages that they’re going to see as they move through that buyer’s journey. Funnel automation or marketing automation, depending on whom you’re talking to, a lot of people use those words synonymously. That is what we consider a backend.

TSPB 5 | Marketing Automation
Marketing Automation: Now, the funnel is just the steps that people are going to see as they move through the buyer’s journey. Funnel automation or marketing automation is what we consider the backend.


Once somebody opts in or gives you their name, their phone number or their email, all that funnel automation and marketing automation on the backend, that’s where that kicks in. That’s where you’re sending emails, “Thank you for opting in. Here’s your free PDF download. Here’s your access to the free course that you opted in for.”

However, you’re using that funnel or that marketing automation to continue to follow up with them and nurture those people from that unaware or problem-aware situation through when they want to make that buying decision. You’re sending emails out through the autoresponder, whether that be 7-day, 20-day or a yearlong. You’re sending texts to follow-ups. You’re sending internal notifications like, “Bill, Chris somebody opted in for a free course.”

That’s still part of marketing automation. Even though you’re not technically marketing, it’s still the automated part informing the internal team of what’s going on, like how many people are coming through, what’s happening or where are they going. The CRM could be a whole beast in itself. The CRM is a way to host and house but then segment and distinguish what each person within your contact list is doing.

A good CRM is not only going to collect names, phone numbers or email addresses. A lot of them do that but it’s going to allow you to customize it and collect any information that you need that’s very specific to what you do, whether that be your product, industry or location. That’s where you can gather any information like t-shirt size or birthday.

If you’re a realtor, what kind of home are you looking for? Is it a 3-bedroom or 5-bedroom? Is it $1 million? Is that $500,000 and those types of things? It also allows you to be able to sort that information when you need it, do it very quickly and then display it very nicely and neatly so that you can use that information for whatever you need going forward.

That was a very well-thought-out and well-articulated explanation. I wasn’t exactly sure what each of those three things was from your perspective. It’s surprising to say we’re in the ballpark.

What would you say the biggest benefit to a business owner of implementing marketing automation would be?

There’s so much.

We deal with a lot of healthcare and healthcare does not have a sophisticated marketing automation setup. Internet marketers are lightyears above brick and mortar for the most part. Would you agree?

One thousand percent.

When going to a brick-and-mortar business, say a healthcare medical practice, how would you explain or maybe even dumb down the explanation of a marketing automation platform to make them understand the benefits?

The biggest benefit is that it does 1 of 2 things. First, it allows you to notify and stay in contact with your patients or potential patients but on the backside for you internally as the business, it allows you to get rid of some of those mundane tasks that you know you need to do and that you probably should be doing but you’re not doing because you’re busy doing other stuff.

A marketing automation platform allows you to get rid of mundane tasks that you know you need to do and that you probably should be doing but you're not doing because you're busy doing other stuff. Click To Tweet

That’s part of where marketing automation can step in. It’s staying in contact with your clients or your patients but it’s also doing stuff for you on the backend or the internal side in segmenting your list and making sure that it’s sending you notifications like, “It’s Chris’ birthday next week.” Maybe you want to reach out to them and send them an email or send them a card. Those are the automation stuff that you can set up on the backend.

It takes the stress out of doing the things that you know you should be doing that you’re not doing that needs to be done. It allows you to do those things and still stay in contact. Also, give that personal experience or one-on-one relationship without having to reach out to 1,000 people individually. You can do it through marketing automation and allow the emails and the texts and stuff to do it for you so you can create those relationships.

Reno has been supporting our organization over the past couple of quarters in our development of what is soon to be released, our all-in-one marketing communication platform and we’re going to be rolling that out in Q1 of 2023. Due to the fact that you understand intimately what we’ve been enduring, what we’ve been developing and what makes it great in our opinion, how would you describe to our audience the benefits of essentially tying together the funnels and the marketing automation?


TSPB 5 | Marketing Automation


Also, the personal communication preferences of the modern consumer or patient into one space. Having is not only easy enough to do user or optimize by yourself but having a marketing agency like Digital Media Nation Reputations Sensei as somewhat of a Sherpa to guide you through that process. Can you give our audience a little bit of insight into the benefits of what’s coming from us?

It’s hard to put it into words because prior to developing an all-in-one solution like this with ClickFunnels, you were using ClickFunnels as the page builder. You were most likely than using GetResponse, MailChimp and ActiveCampaign to be your email autoresponder. You were then using something like ClickSend to be your text or your SMS. You were using Minichat to Facebook Messenger. You’re starting to put all of these different software pieces together and you would need somebody like me who understood all of that to make sure that it worked properly.

Unfortunately, when one of them updated, it broke everything so we would go in and have to fix it. Take all of those things and put them in one platform where you can have an agency like Digital Media Nation manage it but you could still go in there as the owner or the user admin on there and understand what’s going on. You don’t feel like you’re lost and that you don’t know what’s happening because there are 30 different logins that you were sent but you don’t know what each one does.

You can log into one and you can see where your patients are, what’s happening, what messages are being sent out, who’s responding, who’s replying or who’s scheduling. You have a very high-level view of what’s going on and you can then drill down into certain areas if you need to. If you need to see why calendar bookings have gone down for one service, department or practice, you can see what’s going on. You can see the traffic and where people are maybe getting hung up. You then can go reevaluate that.

On a financial side, it’s a no-brainer because otherwise, you’re paying 10, 14, 15 and 16 different software. The cheapest I’ve seen is $100 a month. Some are $1,000 depending on your client list. Bringing that all into one reduces expenses but also increases efficiency because everything is in one platform and you can see everything. You can have everything organized. Instead of having to pull something else on, you can do it in one platform. If you want to send a text, great. You don’t have to go figure out what’s going to connect with everything. It’s already there. Go in and send a text.

It is so incredibly exciting. Chris, I will let you bring us home. Reno, on behalf of myself and our entire team, thank you for your time and your expertise. This is the first of hopefully a few different drop-ins for the show. Chris, can you bring us home?

The one thing that we like to think about as we move into 2023 is how we can improve the experience for our clients and help them improve their new customers or new patient counts. Our constant and never-ending improvement, Kaizen is our philosophy and that’s what we’re looking to push out in 2023, always getting better. This new marketing automation platform is going to help change the game and take us to the next level. We’re super excited about that. I’m super excited about having Reno on our team.


TSPB 5 | Marketing Automation


It’s going to take us to a high level.

Thank you very much. I appreciate the opportunity to be here and the opportunity to work with you guys on the team. It’s been awesome.

Reno, before I let you go, if our audience has any questions directed towards you, how can they reach you?

You can reach out directly at my email. It’s Reno@MarketingWorx.co. Email me. You could visit MarketingWorx.co and our site might be up by then. You can reach out directly that way.

What about social media? Which social media platforms can they find you on?

Facebook. I’m on Instagram but honestly, I never check it. If you do reach out, I apologize. It may be 60 days or something before I ever see it. Other than that, on Facebook, it’s Reno Pace. There is a picture of me and my wife and my kids. I’m pretty sure I’m the only Reno Pace on there. It should be pretty easy to find.

Thank you so much. The Happy New Year episode of the show comes to an end. Thank you so much for reading. If this was helpful, please don’t keep us a secret. Share it with your friends, your colleagues or your cohorts. If you like the information here, don’t forget to like and subscribe to the YouTube channel. We’ll get notifications to you as soon as they become available. Thank you very much. Have a great day.


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