How Important is Trust?

There are so many companies that sell Reputation Management Services but unfortunately, Reputation Management is just not enough anymore. That’s exactly why we have launched Reputation Sensei™ – a state of the art, new, and effective form of marketing that allows businesses the opportunity to build trust with their customers.

I often find myself asking business owners a series of questions in an effort to verify whether or not they are a right fit for our Reputation Sensei™ Platform.

Here are a few of the questions:

  • Do your current customers TRUST that you are the place they should do business with for the products and services that you provide?
  • How important is it that prospective customers know that they can trust you as THE place to do business with?
  • How would being a TRUSTWORTHY business affect your overall sales and profits?

Businesses spend thousands of dollars a month on marketing, but the first thing most people do after becoming interested is search online! What are they seeing?

I have never seen a business spend money on advertising to communicate, “we are terrible, and you should buy a car from us.” So, does it really matter what you say? Today’s marketing landscape is much different. Of course, you should be marketing yourself as you have in the past, but you must also pay attention to what your customers are saying about their personal experiences with your business. You have to pay attention to your reputation and you must MARKET your REPUTATION with a powerful Reputation Marketing program.

If you are you proud of the customer experience that you provide or want to provide a better customer experience you MUST:

  • Solicit feedback from EVERY customer
  • Respond to that feedback
  • Protect yourself from negative reviews
  • Market the customer experience to prospective buyers through website, SEO, social media, and video
  • Give your customers an easy way to share their positive experience with their friends and family
  • Have a system in place to MARKET why customers should come to you instead of your competition

In today’s competitive marketplace, “to stand still is to fall behind” so here is another way to look at the situation. Imagine that you needed to replace the roof on your house and you went to your mailbox and saw two or three advertisements for roofing companies. They would most likely say why they are the “best”. Now, assume that you look online at these companies and without having to dig very far, you see that one of them has 4.5 Google star rating with hundreds of reviews. After reading some of them you realize that these are customer have been through EXACTLY what you are about to go through, and they are happy with their new roof! Who are you going to believe more? The company or its customers?

The answer is obvious. However, that leads to another question. WHY SHOULD YOUR PROSPECTIVE CUSTOMERS BE ANY DIFFERENT?

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