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Is Your Business Caught in the Reputation GAP

It is imperative that your online reputation MATCHES the true customer experience that you provide. What does this really mean? It’s simple. Review your online reputation, specifically with Google, and look at the following:

  • Your online star rating
  • The quantity of reviews
  • The recentness of the reviews
  • The content of the reviews

If the quality of your reviews along with the quantity, recentness, and content do not match the actual experience your business provides, then you have a GAP between what prospective customers think you provide VS. the actual customer experience that you provide. You may be losing new customers to another business that has a better online reputation even though you provide a better customer experience.

Close this GAP by putting in a process that

  • Maximize your rating
  • Increase your quantity of reviews
  • Build a constant stream of recent reviews
  • Communicate with your customers that adding valuable content to their reviews is appreciated.

Close this GAP and close more business.

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