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Your business is unique, but what makes you stand out in a competitive marketplace powered by online search and social media. With 86% of consumers consulting online reviews, you are losing customers if consumers are not wowed by the first impression you make online. Reputation Sensei™ automates the process of collecting reviews and uses your positive customer feedback to grow your business.

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Vitality Med Spa

“With Reputation Sensei™ we got hundreds of reviews and were able to stop investing in Google Ads!”


Amanda Armistead
Amanda Armistead
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I have been going here a year and absolutely love it! The staff is wonderful, and the mix and match program is so convenient! Barbie always knows exactly what I need! No matter where you are located Vitality is well worth the drive. Great customer service is very important and here you definitely get it!


You Deliver Great Service for Your Customers, We’ll Do the Rest

91% of 18-34-year-olds trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Winning a new customer is more and more about winning the game of online reputation. When consumers search for a local business online, they must be impressed by what they see.  With The average local business having a Google Review of 4.42, your business must stand above the pack to even have the chance of being considered.

But this is just the beginning! If you pass the ratings test, you still need to have relevant, recent reviews. Ultimately, your business needs a pipeline of reviews to most effectively deliver a pipeline of new customers.

Reputation Sensei™ automates the review generation process, but that’s just the beginning. We let you use the great feedback you’re receiving from current customers to market to new customers via search engine results, your website, social media and digital display ads.

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