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At Reputation Sensei™ we’re all about helping businesses of all types increase revenue and customers counts. We achieve this through reputation marketing. While some may think reputation marketing and reputation management are the same, in fact they are significantly different. Reputation management is focused on monitoring a business’ reputation online and responding to negative situations when they arise. To fully understand our reputation marketing process, you must first understand what reputation marketing is.

Reputation Sensei's Reputation Marketing Process

What Is Reputation Marketing?

Reputation marketing is a blend of brand marketing and reputation management. Reputation marketing promotes your brand’s online reputation using the reviews and real-life experiences cited by your customers on social media sites. What was once accomplished through word-of-mouth must now be done online through multiple digital and social media platforms. Businesses must actively engage consumers online through reputation marketing to build brand awareness, increase their customer base – and increase profits.

What Is Our Reputation Marketing Process?

Simply put, the reputation marketing process focuses on taking the positive sentiment shared about a business online and leveraging that to acquire new customers.

Business rating systems, which you would recognize on Google and other review sites as “review stars,” help establish credibility for businesses. Today, 86% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. This scoring method is objective and based on measurable standards.

In fact, there is a direct correlation between the number of stars in a business’ star rating and the growth of the business. In short, more stars = more revenue. Written reviews are especially important to building a solid online reputation. At Reputation Sensei, we take these written reviews and turn them into powerful stories.

How Do We Promote Your Reputation?

Reputation Sensei begins by training you and your staff to generate and respond to reviews. We then transform those reviews into marketing assets to distribute to your online channels and help you build trust in your local area. Let’s face it, every company on the planet says they’re the best, right?

But here’s the reality – only when your customers are the ones saying your company is the best will other consumers trust that your business really is the best. When customers use their real-world experiences in the form of reviews, it builds trust and attracts new consumers to your business. Next, when Reputation Sensei turns these reviews into digital assets, you will be able to promote your brand’s reputation across multiple social media and other marketing channels online.

Where Do We Promote Your Reputation?

Your Own Website

 To improve conversion rates, we start by integrating your reviews and rankings on your website across multiple pages. When consumers visit your website, they are looking for trust triggers and validation that they are making the right decision. Online reviews on your website help you communicate trust by using the voice of your customers in your marketing. This in turn drives conversion, leading to increased revenue.

Social Media 

In today’s digital world, the easiest and most effective way to build trust and expand your brand is through social media marketing. We work with you to create marketing assets from your reviews to use as a part of your social media strategy. Our team will focus on consumers in your local area that match your target demographic. This will build trust in your product or service and increase brand awareness. Social media gives you the opportunity to expose your positive reviews to targeted areas to establish credibility and trustworthiness.

Google My Business

In addition to prioritizing getting reviews on your Google My Business (GMB) listing, we’ll publish GMB posts about the reviews. We’ll take the marketing assets we mentioned earlier and craft a story around them for use on your Google My Business listing. These posts will link back to your business website to drive traffic and encourage prospective customers to make an appointment and/or buy your product or service.

Reputation Marketing Is Essential for Businesses

No matter the type of business you have, you must absolutely utilize reputation marketing to attract new customers. Competition is stiff and your competitors are getting smarter and smarter. If you get started now, you’ll be ahead of the curve.

Reputation Marketing FAQS

Reputation marketing is a combination of branding and reputation management used to attract new customers. The simple answer is that we take your reviews and turn them into digital marketing assets that can be used across multiple digital channels.

On your website as well as across multiple social media sites, Google My Business and other digital channels that are appropriate.

Review stars, or business rating systems, work to establish credibility for your brand. In fact, online reviews are trusted by 86% of consumers today. Reputation Sensei clients using our solution are experiencing growth of up to 60% in revenue and new customer counts.

Now that we have shared how you can rise above the competition in search results, it’s time to take action. Give us a call at (770) 263-7455 to request a demo or simply request an online review today.

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    Here’s What Our Customers Have to Say

    Lee Urbanski
    Lee Urbanski
    John's Creek Primary Care
    Read More
    We have been using Reputation Sensei for the past few years and we are very pleased with the results. We have increased our new patient counts over 44% which has increased our revenues quite significantly.
    Allen Jernigan
    Allen Jernigan
    Southern Companions
    Read More
    My company, Southern Companions, started using Reputation Sensei a year ago. Our number of online reviews has skyrocketed since we started using Reputation Sensei.
    Melissa Sanquiche
    Melissa Sanquiche
    Dermatology Specialists of Atlanta
    Read More
    As a result of Reputation Sensei our new patient counts has gone up tremendously and our revenue is up 60%.
    Dari Payrow
    Dari Payrow
    RS Andrews
    Read More
    We have seen a tremendous improvement on the review collection process as well as providing surveys for our customers to collect instant feedback, which is critical for us to make changes in real time
    Pete Pappelis
    Pete Pappelis
    Eastern Shore Toyota
    Read More
    The constant feedback from Reputation Sensei is an invaluable tool at our stores. This allows us to focus on our internal culture which is key.
    Monique Hicks
    Monique Hicks
    Vitality Med Spa and Plastic Surgery Center
    Read More
    Reputation Sensei has changed my company in miraculous ways. We get so many reviews and have a ton of new clients due to their platform. Love them!! Plus, it's so affordable!!
    Rick Williams
    Rick Williams
    Landers McLarty Chevrolet
    Read More
    Since partnering with Reputation Sensei, our new car sales are up 26% and service revenue is up 5%. This is a direct result of our reviews and reputation.
    Scott King
    Scott King
    Jacobs & King
    Read More
    These guys brought us into the 21st Century. We are getting calls that we never expected to get before from people who had forgotten about us.

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