Sensei Playbook Podcast

Bill Courtright and Chris Snellgrove join forces to give you the right tools and strategies to effectively market your small business online. Welcome to Sensei Playbook, the ultimate “how to” for growing and amplifying your brand within today’s critical “three-second” digital landscape.

This show features news, instruction, and commentary for entrepreneurs and business leaders who want to scale their ventures despite digital obstacles along the way. Learn from industry veterans and world-renowned marketers as they provide information, inspiration, and influence for the movers and shakers of the leading organizations right now. This podcast goes beyond traditional SEO in improving your online presence. Here, we explore how you can offer the smoothest customer experience and leave a lasting impression on your target market. Discover the best practices for rapidly attracting customers within and around your community.

Jaymie Hampson

George Nenni

Jonathan Dawson

Jody Devere

Jesse Orton

Tim Cox

Richard Herod

Damian Boudreaux

Fabiola Mathis

Faisal Saleem