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How It Works

Build a Pipeline of New Customers for Your Business

Some companies help you to get reviews, but most stop there.
This is precisely where Reputation Sensei™ makes the magic happen!

We help your happy customers tell your story by making it easy for them to share their testimonials and reviews with their friends and family on social media sites. 

Yes, the number of reviews and stars matter. There’s no better way to build your business than having the friends, family and acquaintances of your clients hear about their positive experiences working with you – from them. 

Prefer video?

Watch the RCM explainer video to see how this specific strategy can help increase your new patient counts immediately. 

1. Training & Culture

Create a Culture of Extraordinary Customer Service with Sensei Academy

We take a hands-on approach to train your team about the importance of quality reviews and feedback. The Sensei Academy includes weekly coaching tips and best practices for collecting reviews from your customers. This includes:

  • Dedicated trainer and customer success manager
  • Online learning portal with training videos.
  • Employee video testing
  • Bi-weekly coaching

2. Review Generation

Build a Solid Base by Automating the Process to Collect and Manage Reviews​

Our technology provides a complete program for collecting and managing reviews from your customers. Email reminders and text requests give you multiple opportunities to solicit feedback and distribute these reviews to public sites like Google and Facebook as well as your website.

And importantly, you’ll also be able to quickly engage with dissatisfied customers and address their concerns.

3. Reputation Management

One Tool to Monitor and Respond to Reviews in Realtime

Hunting for your reviews can be a full-time job. Reputation Sensei™ consolidates your ratings and reviews from over 140 sites in singe easy to manage dashboard. You’ll have detailed analysis of your online reputation and the ability to set email and text alerts to respond immediately with a thanks for good reviews, or trouble shoot problem reviews.

4. Reputation Marketing

Attract a Steady Stream of New Business by Sharing Your Reviews

Our belief is that a company’s Testimonials and Reviews are powerful marketing assets that should be utilized to attract more new customers.

When we have a great experience, we want to share it with the people we know.  Reputation Sensei™ makes it easy for your customers to broadcast their experience to their network of friends and family. And because of this social proof marketing is the most valuable in bringing in new business almost effortlessly. 

How Reputation Cycle Marketing Works

If you’re a Doctor or Practice Administrator, make sure you watch this video to understand how Reputation Cycle Marketing helps practices increase their reviews and revenue. 

Works With All Major Review Platforms

Use emails and text alerts to make it easy for your customers to share their feedback on your website and their favorite review platforms

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